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How to find out which Linux version is installed

To find information such as the Distribution Name, Distribution Release Version, Release Notes, Distribution Codename and Distribution Description etc Open a terminal and type: cat /etc/*-release Other commands : cat /etc/issue and/or cat /proc/version and/or lsb_release -a To find out information about the kernel you are using – Open a terminal and enter: uname -a  returns all information or uname -r …

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A crontab file has six fields:        Minute 0-59        Hour 0-23        Day of month 1-31        Month 1 – 12        Day of Week 0 – 6, with 0 = Sunday        Unix Command or Shell Scripts To edit a crontab file, type: Crontab -e   To view a crontab file, type: Crontab -l 0  4 * * …

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