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Windows 10 install stuck at Checking for updates

Found on http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_install/window-10-install-stuck-on-checking-for-updates/e294932f-149e-412b-b996-6f1253973399?auth=1 I was updating one of the PCs when I ran into this problem , windows install stayed 20 minutes at checking for updates so I knew something was not going well. After a brief search I found a working solution at the link mentioned, still it needed some tweaking so I decided to post it here. So if your …

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Switch audio output from speakers to usb headset in one click.

I had this problem with windows , to switch the audio output you had to go to playback devices and select the one you want . This can be annoying and I was looking for a way to do this in one click .  I tried to do it myself with autoIT but  wasn’t happy with the result, while my app …

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How to install Transmission on your Zyxel NSA server.

Zyxel already has transmission available on the default packages, unfortunately is an outdated version without so many options. To install an up to date version you need to have ffp installed and to connect to your server via ssh. Here are the steps : I will assume you have FFP installed, if not please see my previous post. ssh to your …

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Disable login screen in Windows 8.1 and boot to desktop.

If you are using your notebook in public places and you leave it unattended is a good idea that you have a login screen requesting password to access the pc. At home on your desktop or on that laptop only you are using is nice to be able to push the power button go get your coffee and come back at …

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