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Switch audio output from speakers to usb headset in one click.

I had this problem with windows , to switch the audio output you had to go to playback devices and select the one you want .

This can be annoying and I was looking for a way to do this in one click .  I tried to do it myself with autoIT but  wasn’t happy with the result, while my app changed the playback device succesfully , it wasnt silent  in background instead  kept showing the playback devices window and how it did the switch. I looked on google and are many tiny applications for this special task . After I tried several this particular application is the best in my oppinion :

PlaybackDevice [ Audio Output Switch ] by heilnizar

Playback device switch.

Key Features:
• Cycle through audio playback devices.
• Command-line support.
• Customizable.
• Update-able.
• Portable.
• All my applications are packed and might get false-positive flag.
• For bugs and suggestion send me an e-mail, can be found in the help file.
• Free to use.

This is not my application , all kudos to the developer , click here for developer’s page and download 


I tested this application and it works flawlessly in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 64 bit.  Leave me a comment you found this useful or if you have a better solution for this issue.




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