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Install miniDLNA server on your Zyxel server.

miniDLNA has some advantages over the default media server Twonky. Most important you will be able to see movies with subtitles .This will still depend on your TV capability to display them but with twonky  the subtitles didn’t work for me and with miniDLNA are displayed just fine. Also miniDLNA is less resource hungry and wont keep your cpu at 100%, with townky this happens often when you have a big file library.

The install is simple :

ssh to your server as root

slacker -Uui br2:minidlna
slacker -UaA br2/ffmpeg1.1.1 s:zlib s:bzip2 s:uClibc s:openssl s:gcc
slacker -aA s:libjpeg s:libexif s:sqlite s:libiconv s:gettext uli:flac uli:libid3tag uli:libogg uli:libvorbis

You can check the directory path and modify if needed on /ffp/etc/minidlna.conf

/ffp/start/minidlna.sh rescan
/ffp/start/minidlna.sh start

If is not working, stop the server:
/ffp/start/minidlna.sh stop

Go to the repository with

slacker -a

Scroll a bit and select all ffmpeg2 packages from br2 lib and install. Then start the server again
/ffp/start/minidlna.sh start

Let me know if you find this useful or if you have problems installing it.

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