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Windows 8.1 computer wakes up from sleep. How to stop it.

What to check to prevent your computer from waking itself up from sleep .

Stop  Network Card from waking your Windows 8.1 PC up from its sleep

Check your network card properties through the device manager and disable the “Allow this device to wake the computer” feature.

  1. Control Panel – Network and sharing center – Change adapter settings
  2. Right click on your network card and select properties.
  3. Press “Configure”Network
  4. Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck the option there to prevent your network card from ever waking up your PC.Network2

Find out what wakes up your Windows 8.1

To find out what event/device woke up your Windows from sleep, go to command prompt (type cmd on the Run/Search box and press ENTER), then type this:
powercfg /lastwake


To get more info on the device that wakes your computer during the sleep, type:


powercfg /devicequery wake_armed


Prevent sharing to wake up your computer

  • Check out your Power Management Options on your Control Panel (Start, Control Panel, Power Settings, Change plan settings, Change advanced power settings).
    “Multimedia settings” option, “When sharing media.” ->”Allow the computer to sleep.


Prevent scheduled maintenance to wake up your computer

Open Control panel – Action center – Expand Maintenance tab – Change maintenance settings and uncheck

“Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time”



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  1. Thank you! This was exactly what was waking my recently updated Win 8.1 computer!

  2. Thanks for the clear explanations! Good stuff.

  3. Easy to follow and straight to the point. Very helpful. Thanks

  4. Thanx! Veru clear, problem solved!

  5. The commands helped me figure out that it was regular maintenance that was waking my PC up at 2am. It’s been happening for months!

    Cheers man!

  6. I think Microsoft is interested in the power business, and that’s why wakes up all the computers in the world.

  7. Great! Now I won’t wake up to a laptop with a dead battery. What a great “feature.”

  8. Excellent article! It was very helpful, thanks!

  9. Automatic maintenance set and waking up at 3am – argh…! Thanks a lot, problem solved!

  10. Thanks for your efforts, but beyond infuriating having to dig through these procedures to try to prevent the most freakish behavior: twice already I found my laptop heated to the max in its sleeve and I will ask Samsung a full replacement just for the risk of some damage having occurred that might shorten its lifetime. Maybe they can recoup their loss from Microsoft.

  11. This seems to be exactly what I have been looking for! Now my PC won’t start in the middle of the night any more. THANX

  12. Automatic Maintenance was doing it to me too – 2:00 a.m. every morning. Many thanks

  13. Concise and thorough. Went through the items and found exactly what was causing my Win 8.1 PC to awaken. Like the command prompt tips!

  14. Well done, thanks!

  15. Thanks. However, I did do all 3 changes as noted above . . . all were set to wake the computer up. After doing all these three changes, it then woke up twice again . . . once 1.5 hrs or so after I had put it to sleep (and gone to sleep myself), the next about 12 hours after that time . . . about an hour before I was to arrive at my desk for work. I work in a home office so there is only me. Any other ideas as to what else might need to be checked/unchecked?

    • Run Cmd and execute powercfg /lastwake
      to check what wakes it.
      For more info on the device that wakes your computer during the sleep, type:
      powercfg /devicequery wake_armed

      If you can’t figure it, write the output here and I will try to help.

  16. Mr. Alin Irimia’s (this one) article is one the best articles I have viewed lately. It is not just showing you “how” to fix the problem, and also telling “why.” A very useful article.

    Other thoughts: I purchased this desktop PC almost a year now. I’ve remembered that I set a time after midnight for “Automatic Maintenance.” But I don’t remember I made seven steps to choose “Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer.” This choice might cause another issue – some updates may need to restart the computer to work. That would remove all your files or webpages that you have saved. This has happened to me a few times and I did not know why (because the computer would go back to sleep after the idle time).

    Mr. Alin or other viewers if you know what setup of this function on a new computer? If I made a wrong choice and I forgot about it, I cannot blame anyone. But if this function is an original setup (default) caused me losing the saved webpages and drain out the battery of some people’s laptops, those dumb heads who wrote this program should be blamed.

  17. How about explaining why Microsoft have this setting? I only see it as a problem when a laptops is on battery power. Guess this wake should only run when device is plugged in. For corporate environments this is really usefull.

    • I don’t know why Microsoft chose to set this on by default. Even in corporate environments people use to take the laptops home and is anoying to have your pc waking up in the middle of the night.

  18. Hi, I’ve been reading on the topic for quite some time, and I’ve previously done all the listed solutions, but none seems to work for me. I dont have any wake_armed devices, my maintenance has been off almost since i got windows, internet and network “wake pc” options are unchecked as well.
    When I try the powercfg /lastwake, it just says event 1 with no further description, details or whatsoever. Unsleeps occur every 15 minutes, then pc enjoys about an hour of sleep and problem pops again. Approximate duration of the wake-up: 1 minute.
    I have already given up on trying to fix it, but if you need further information out of curiosity, I can gladly provide it.
    Best regards

    • It can be something simple like Outlook is set to wake the PC and check for new emails at every 15 min in peak times , 1h off peak. but if you checked this already you can try powercfg /devicequery wake_armed . You can disable device wake with powercfg -DEVICEDISABLEWAKE
      Also try powercfg -WAKETIMERS This enumerates the active wake timers. If enabled, the expiration of a wake timer wakes the system from sleep and hibernate states.
      If this doesn’t show much open a command prompt and run Schtasks.exe . It is a long list but maybe you can find there if you have a task set to run so often. Or you can use something like MyEventViewer and LastActivityView , both are free programs you can use to see what happened on your pc right after it wakes up.

  19. No doubt in my mind this is a deliberate effort by manufacturers to wreck your laptop and then point to the smallprint: ‘Didn’t we warn you that we would burn your laptop unless ….??’ No laptop should ever, once in anyone’s lifetime, wake up with its cover closed: it could be in a sleeve, in a handbag, or under a pillow. I’m convinced that anyone with deep pockets could bring a giant like Samsung to its legal knees, especially in the EU.

  20. how can the computer share media when it is asleep?

  21. Excellent compendium of all the crap that by default wakes your windows 8.1 PC.
    Thanks for putting all that together.

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