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hubiC offers 25Gb online storage space for free

Last months I was looking for a good online storage from a European provider. I found very few available and none to meet my requirements.

Today I found Hubic a Cloud storage provider from Europe and their prices are really good. Hubic Cloud is provided by OVH an independent European company based in Roubaix, France


          If you’re looking for low prices hubiC will appeal right away. You get 25GB for free, 100GB is 15.54 Euro for a year, 500GB is priced at 72 Euro , and 1TB is an annual 120 Euro (all prices have VAT included). You can even expand your storage to 100TB, if you need.
         There’s a good range of clients, too: Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and BlackBerry, with Linux and Windows Phone 8 “coming soon”.
        The client provides a basic but acceptable range of features. We can view our existing files; rename, move, copy or delete them; upload and download files manually; or get a link to share specific files or folders for a given number of days.
        I only tested the Android client .It  has the feature to auto upload the pictures taken . You can select to upload only on WIFI if you are on a limited data plan.
         Try with a free account and after few months if  you are happy with the service and need more space you can move to a subscription.


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